Fundació Barcelona Olímpica

Created following a resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders of COOB’92 S.A., held on 9 February 1993, and constituted on 1 April 1993, the private Foundation, which has been declared an entity of cultural benefit through a resolution of the Council of Justice of the Generalitat of Catalonia on 13 July 1993, aims to disseminate the reality of the Barcelona Olympic Games as well as promote and investigate cultural, ethical, sports and any other type of values that are in line with the Olympic spirit.

The specific objective of the Foundation, among other more general aims, is to establish, maintain and promote an exhibition and a permanent information and research centre that is open to the public and offers a global view of the Barcelona Olympic Games and everything they represented. The initial headquarters of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation in 1993 was the Olympic Gallery situated in the emblematic Montjuïc Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium. The Barcelona Olympics and Sports Museum was inaugurated on 21 March 2007 at Avda del Estadio 60 right next to the Olympic Stadium and the Foundation is to transfer its headquarters. Following the death of Juan Antonio Samaranch, the Museum added the name of Juan Antonio Samaranch to its nomenclature to become the Juan Antonio Samaranch Olympics and Sports Museum. The Olympic Museum is part of the network of international Olympic museums under the auspices of the IOC. The Juan Antonio Samaranch Centre for Olympic Studies was inaugurated in 2012.

The Barcelona Olympic Foundation is also responsible for managing and supervising the Samaranch COS facilities and duties. The Barcelona Olympic Foundation Board of Trustees is comprised of the Honourable City of Barcelona, the Spanish Olympic Committee, the National Government (through the Higher Council for Sports), the Generalitat de Catalunya (through the Secretary General for Sports) and five private members, Mr Josep Miquel Abad, Mr Romà Cuyàs, Mr Josep Lluís Vilaseca, Mrs Maria Teresa Samaranch and Mr. Pere Miró. Mrs. Marta Carranza Gil-Dolz del Castellar, as Commissioner of Sports of the Town Council of Barcelona acts as Chairwoman of the Barcelona Olympic Foundation.

To make its actions more effective and be able to carry out its founding objectives, the Foundation maintains a series of partnerships and agreements with different national and international sports, social and cultural institutions that make many of our projects possible such as the International Olympic Committee or the COPLEFC.